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Creekside Cove is the first of Luxury RV Resorts of North Carolina’s luxury RV parks. Our guiding principle here, as it is in the second of our luxury RV parks, Wildflower Creek, was to offer sites so beautiful, in a setting so serene that motor coach enthusiasts would want to be in the resort, whether or not the many attractions of the surrounding area were appealing.

The old-time mountain folks called a small valley tucked within the mountains a “cove”. Creekside Cove is exactly that, and the resort is sited on one of the pristine trout streams characteristic of this part of North Carolina. (It actually is the headwaters of the Little Tennessee River!) Here our goal was to take maximum advantage of the lovely mountain stream running along first one side of the property and then the other. We could have packed in several more than the 10 sites to which we limited ourselves, and still have what would certainly qualify among luxury RV parks, but that would have left no streamside access for general use by the owners and no nature trail, and the creek exposure of individual sites would have been minimal. A good deal of individual lot privacy would have been sacrificed, as well.

North Carolina RV parks, even many of the luxury RV parks, generally accept all classes of vehicle. Luxury RV Resorts of North Carolina’s parks are exclusively for Class A motor coaches. We strive to provide the highest standards in accommodation for the luxurious “big rigs”. Creekside Cove and its sister resort, Wildflower Creek, are the ideal places, of all the North Carolina luxury motorcoach resorts, to call home.

Both luxury motorcoach resorts are home-like in another respect: they are neighborhoods in their own right. Motor Coach enthusiasts come from many backgrounds, professions and “walks of life”, but our experience is that they are genuinely nice people! They are pleasant, friendly (yet respecters of privacy), interested and interesting people. If the resort is conducive via abundant and attractive common areas, it becomes the neighborhood such people enjoy and deserve!

Enjoy the images of Creekside Cove, and come visit Wildflower Creek both online at and in person (see website for directions) to see how you can become an owner in one of the country’s most beautiful luxury RV parks.